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I am really starting to like tumblr. I’ve been having an account there for a year and I don’t know why I haven’t posted. For the looks of it I may start spending more time there than here, posting updates on new images, listings, etc. I am a sucker for simplicity and creativity and this place has it all. Better late than never.

Follow me if you’re on it too or just come visit whenever

As you will see I started uploading some old pics from 3 years ago when I traveled with a car across Europe. I’ve always loved those photographs and I started uploading them in my Society6 shop, soon they will be on Etsy too.

Lots of new images on both shops. Go take a look.




Hey guys. Because of my birthday today (yesterday in some parts of the world) I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all of my prints on Etsy, today and for the next couple of days. Just enter Coupon Code: BDAYSPECIAL at checkout.


For my concert photography fans I decided to offer a purchase option, on all of my music photography. If you are interested in buying a photo of mine as a print email me at:  violetdartbday at gmail dot com.

(for prices and sizes check out my Etsy shop for example)




Any coffee lovers out there besides me?

Check out this new set I posted on Etsy- SIX prints from my Coffee Time series, and it is on SALE, too!


Go look at the rest of the Discounted Sets and Custom Listings HERE

Don’t forget to check my new Big Size options. I will be adding more custom listings and sets in the next days.


Also I am working on some 2012 calendars aaaand.. a new Etsy shop. But I will reveal more soon:)


Oh I almost forgot. I have added all Laptop, iPad, iPhone and iPod skins in my Society6 shop. Hope you like! I think they look pretty good!




I got the print that I ordered from this new lab I’ve been planning to work with. Very Good job! I love how it came out, and the Luster paper is Stunning! Great satin finish, but with a touch of matte so it doesn’t reflect light in a bad way. Awesome detail, too!

I will definitely work with that lab in the future!


This gorgeous one is flying to the States. By the way- one of my personal favorites! I have more ocean, wave-y photos from that day and plan to edit more of them in that style! I like it the best, and those are one of my most popular photos, too.

I am so good! And on my first try, too! =)

I’ve put it in the fridge and put some every morning in my muesli- very tasty!


And while I was doing all of that I could not help but take some shots of that beauty next to me (my most favorite flower btw, can not even put into words my deep- should say ‘love’ but it is more of a ~connection to Chrysanthemums♥ – and all autumn flowers for that matter)



I should put it on Etsy and Society6!  By the way- LOTS of new photos on both sites! (wink, wink)



Two days ago I was featured in a blog post on Papernstitch as part of their Photography Week.

Read it  HERE. (thank you guys!)

And also I was SHOP OF THE DAY that day. So cool!




Bringing beauty to your weekend from Lovely Clusters. I love it and you will love it, too!  The 2011/2012 catalog is full of amazing handmade(and other) items that inspire to create. And so masterfully picked and arranged! Great job!

Now time for some coffee and to browse through those beautiful pages again.

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